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Aunty Sally & Husband, Beneficiaries of FamilyZone program

“The volunteers are all very good, very kind and I look forward to their every visit. I only knew Keith, Matthew and Raja (the latter two from Braddell Heights Zone B Residents Committee) in the beginning but slowly I am getting to know a lot more of them now. I enjoy the ‘makan’ outings especially the National Day Celebration at Changi Airport. “Before this programme, I had no friends. My husband and I only watched TV and read papers. We seldom went out.

Through this programme, I have more friends now and I am learning more about God. I enjoyed the activities like the Moon Cake festival and singing together.

“Thank you everybody, thank you for the food and thank you for everything, BCCS.” Aunty Sally lives with her husband, both in their late seventies/early eighties. They have no children of their own. The couple used to keep pretty much to themselves, opening doors to volunteers only to receive their lunch packs. They started opening up only recently after they began attending the activities they were invited to.

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To transform the lives of individuals and families in need, enabling them to reach their potential so that they can enjoy meaningful lives and contribute to society.


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